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Categories: Blogging | Posted on Apr 25, 2015

Adrienne Smith | Build A Blogging CommunityAdrienne Smith Talks About How To Build A Blog Community

Adrienne and I go back a long way.

When it comes to blogging she is known as the “comment queen”  and she really is an Engagement Star!

Just take a look at her blog and see how much she does to engage with others.

Adrienne Smith:
Build A Blog Community

Now, if you want your blog to be as popular as hers, Adrienne provides you with the answers to that in a full training course she’s developed.

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So, here’s the full details of Adrienne’s training.  Check it out.

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  1. 4-25-2015

    Hey Donna,

    Thank you again so much for having me share with your audience what I know will truly help them grow a wonderful and loyal blog community.

    It’s not about the comments themselves but what the comments can do for you. It helps people start making those connections and seeing you as someone they want to learn from. That’s how influencers are born.

    An influencer to me is someone who has a loyal following and all they have to do is ask those people to do something and they do that with no questions asked.

    It doesn’t take much to get you started in the right direction so for those that are eager to get that information and start moving in that direction I hope they’ll grab my course at this sale price right now so they can start building their community of loyal fans.

    Thank you again and looking forward to answering any questions anyone may have.


    • 4-26-2015

      Hi Adrienne,

      There is no better way to open this new blog but with you. I know that anyone that purchases this product will be in your good hands.

      Comments can do so much for us on our blog. From making connections to engaging further with others. You know I’m a great fan of comments and also commenting.

      When people learn how to do it the “right way” then they too can become an influencer and so much more.


      • 4-27-2015

        Thank you again Donna…

        As things change and evolve, people don’t realize the benefit that comments can actually do for them, especially just starting out. Once you build up that following they may not be as important to you but they sure do help in so many ways. Just happy to share my knowledge with your readers and hope they’ll find my course helpful.


  2. 4-26-2015

    Hi Donna and Adrienne,

    What a great interview. I just loved listening to two obvious friends tell others about what they both love to do online.

    Great first interview to start out your new blog, Donna. I’m off to take a look at Adrienne’s blog. I can hardly believe I’ve never been there before.

    Congratulations to the both of you. 🙂

    • 4-26-2015

      Hi Monna,

      When you get to Adrienne’s blog it speaks for itself. Not only does she provide great information all the time, but when you read those comments and people engaging on it…it will blow your mind.

      Adrienne and I a great friends, and I do admire how she started her own community blogging. I know you will be a regular visitor to her blog because you my friend love to learn.

      Thanks so much,


      • 4-27-2015

        Hi Monna,

        Well thank you for the kind comment. Donna and I do have a good time together and I think the world of her. I remember when neither of us were doing as good as we are now so it’s been a journey for us both and we’ve supported each other every step of the way. We’ve had fun along the way too.

        Glad you stopped by my blog and hope you enjoy what I have to share. Let me know if I can help you now, happy to do so.

        Thank you again Donna for this interview and I hope your series will help so many people.


  3. 4-26-2015

    Hi Donna ma’am,

    Congratulations on starting your second blog. I am sure you are going to rock this as you do with your first one. 🙂

    I have been seeing Adrienne ma’am and yeah once she shared one of her post on Aha!NOW ABC community and I was so excited to see her having a great engaging community at her blog. She indeed is an engagement superstar!

    I watched the entire video and it was great to hear both of you sharing your experience, views and expertise.

    May your new blog get you lots of name and fame. I wish you both good luck in ruling the blogosphere. 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

    See ya!

    • 4-26-2015

      Hi Rohan,

      Thanks so much for visiting me and Adrienne…The purpose of this blog is to have 15 minute videos so people can meet others who are influencers, and product creators.

      I do feel that a video is worth so much when you see someone in person. And there we are lol.

      Thank you for your kind wishes.


      • 4-27-2015

        Thank you Rohan for your very kind comment. I appreciate that you watched the entire video and enjoyed what we had to share.

        I’m so excited for Donna and this new series she’ll be presenting because I have a feeling it’s going to really help so many people. She’s introducing people she knows, likes and trusts so we’re all going to need products and services as we continue blogging right! Rather get that from someone my friend highly recommends.

        Thank you again and for Donna’s ongoing support.


  4. 4-26-2015

    Hi Adrienne, and welcome to Donna’s new blog 🙂

    So good to see both of you together here! Loved the interview, especially the way both of you laugh – infectious…it had me laughing too 🙂

    We got so much similar Adrienne, as I too started off with no one to help me, coming from the writing niche. I guess that in itself makes us reach out and help others, especially the newbies who we know are still in their initial struggling phase, isn’t it?

    And look at how far you’ve come, and now with your product, nothing could have been better!

    Lol….I loved the part about the comments, and you bet she’s the queen of commenting. How she does it all, I still wonder?! Yes, within a few seconds, she’s got loadsa comments, and she’s SO quick in replying to ALL of them. I remember my guest post on her blog, and before I could even think what to reply, she had already welcomed and replied!! She’s too quick! 🙂

    Hmm…I am sure it must’ve been an uphill task creating a product, as both of you have gone through that path- something we need to get started with as yet. Yes, the audience, connections, and relationships are all in place – now the product is what we need to brainstorm with, though once the ABC is more settled. One thing at a time, as they say.

    It sure is a good feeling when someone buys your product, sees the results once they take action, and talk good of it and spread the word further. That is an achievement nothing as compared to anything else.

    Thanks for sharing more of Adrienne with us Donna – love these interview series, and once again – you both have an infectious laugh! Lol…happy weekend 🙂

    • 4-26-2015

      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for coming by. Great to know you were laughing along with us. This is the point of this site. I want people to meet people on video. It is so nice when others have a product or is an influencer in the blogging world and marketing world and you get to meet them up close and personal.

      Yes…Adrienne will put out a blog post and people flock there immediately. I don’t know how she does it, but her product does let us in on a few of her secrets.

      I know how long and hard she worked on this. And the best part is, people tell me all the time that her “Build a Blog Community” has helped them so much as they put it into action and see the results.

      Adrienne is also dedicated to her work and that’s why I just had to have her as my first guest.


      • 4-27-2015

        Hi Harleena,

        Thank you and I’m thrilled to be here and her first guest.

        We can definitely laugh, it’s easy with Donna. We just enjoy life and helping others so this is the mission we’re both on and we have fun doing it too.

        It’s no fun to not have someone to turn to when you need help is it Harleena? It can be a very lonely place. Then you have people reach out to others and they never respond. We are both proof that if we can do this from where we started that anyone can. Now we both actually have products we’ve created and consulting businesses where we’re now able to help so many more than need that one on one attention.

        I can’t help myself, I just feel that I need to be there rather quickly to respond. Sometimes I get a slow start but I do my best because I want people to know how much I care about them, that I appreciate the time they took to read the post and comment and you know that makes people feel special. If I can just do that one thing, I think that goes a long way.

        I think if you want to create a successful business that you need to create a product. Something to put your name on and that does tell the community out there that you are here for the long haul and eager to help them by listening to what they want and then giving it to them. The product itself is the easy part, all the other stuff is the more difficult. But you have plenty of friends and support so it would be a piece of cake for you.

        It’s like you’re a proud Mom celebrating the achievements of your children. It’s exciting to see that they have learned from you and are doing the work and getting the results. It’s just a wonderful feeling.

        Thank you Harleena for your wonderful comment and visit. We both appreciate you so very much.

        Thank you again Donna for all your support as well. It has been a long road but one I’m so very happy I took and it’s only going to get better.

        Thank you ladies.


  5. 4-26-2015

    Hi, Donna,

    Congratulations on your new site and interview series, awesome!

    Adrienne: Enjoyed your interview, and am happy that you were the first one on Donna’s new series. Very fitting!

    I’m thankful to have been in the pilot program for your product, and it’s top notch, from the heart stuff.

    Wishing you both all the best and thrilled that you’re sharing more of your knowledge. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.

    • 4-26-2015

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for coming by and what a great way to start this is to have Adrienne here!

      Thank you so much for your well wishes.


      • 4-27-2015

        Thank you Carol and I’m so honored to have had you a part of my pilot series and boy did you ever help me out. You have been so supportive and a true friend and I can’t thank you enough.

        So honored to be here Donna, thank you again so very much.


  6. 4-27-2015

    Hi Donna!

    This is awesome! Love that you had Adrienne as your first guest. Her blog is wonderful and I always wondered if I would ever be the first to comment too! Actually when I go to Adrienne’s site, there’s always a long line of comments and I just read the thread of comments. They can be lengthy too!

    I have to tell you! I won a contest a few months ago from Entice Marketing and her Build a Blog Community course was part of it. So I have the course waiting for me! I haven’t gotten to it yet but how cool is that. As soon as I’m done creating my course, I’ll have time to really get into Adrienne’s course. I am so excited because I know it’s valuable and I do need to take advantage of her awesome tips.

    Thanks for doing this website and Congrats!

    • 4-27-2015

      Hi Lillian, actually won that contest and got a copy of Adrienne’s course! Following that course will skyrocket your blog for sure. It sure is valuable and I know you treasure it.

      But business is business right and you have to finish what you are doing.

      Just reading the comments on her blog is amazing…no one liner’s there! There is always some good conversation going on isn’t there?

      Thanks for coming by,


    • 4-27-2015

      Hi Lillian,

      I think it’s so funny that so many people would love to be the first to comment. I know that some of those teaching say it’s the easiest way to get noticed but I actually kind of skin through them myself and then of course with CommentLuv Premium I can see the headlines of their posts and then I shoot over to their blogs and check it out. Sometimes it’s best to be toward the end because that’s where they’re landing to actually comment anyway but I’m always so flattered that people are eager to be the first.

      Congrats on having won my course and I know that you’ll find it very helpful when you get ready to go through it. I know how time consuming it can be creating your own course so I wish you the very best with that. I’m really excited for you.

      Thank you Lillian and have a wonderful week.


  7. 4-27-2015

    Hi Guys,

    Wow, so fun to see both of you on video! I do recall all of our journeys; from the school of hard knocks, to the somewhat ahem….questionable mentors out there lol…..and to where you are today. It’s wonderful, wonderful, and I feel both of you became so successful because you’re doing a great job – and have done a fab job – helping people.

    Promote folks, comment on blogs, help, help, help, keep at it, be generous and all the seeds that you sowed shall be reaped, generously, when you take your time with this approach, goodness gracious, the sky’s the limit!

    So happy to see you 2 chatting; it’s fun to hear, to see and to feel your positive energy radiating through, love it.

    Thanks Donna and Adrienne!

    Tweeting and Pinning from Bali.


    • 4-27-2015

      Hi Ryan,

      Isn’t great to see a short video where we are chatting? This is why I constructed this site. Of course Adrienne had to be my first guest because we do chat very well and it was difficult to keep it to 15 minutes for us. But we did get on the phone later and chatted for a long while.

      Whenever we get together, we are always laughing. And yes, we both learned from the school of hard knocks…you know our stories. But when pushing forward and learning the hard way, we all can take that high road and step into success.

      This is why Adrienne developed this product. I know she doesn’t want to see anyone go through what she had to. So this course is great as she shares what to do to gain traction in blogging and business.


      • 4-27-2015

        Thank you so much Ryan, we both appreciate your ongoing support. You’re the best and doing the work that it takes as well but the best part of this is that it’s just darn fun. 😉

        Thank you again for your comment and visit and glad you enjoyed our interview. We did have some fun now.


  8. 4-27-2015

    Hi Adrienne and Donna,
    You two are so fun to listen to! It’s true, you really do have infectious laughs 🙂 I just wanted to jump into the conversation and chat away with you!

    Adrienne, you’re just as lovely in “real life” as I imagined that you were from your blog posts. Doing videos sometimes, seems like a wonderful way for people to get to know us better too. Maybe I should put a video on my blog sometime. I know from experience that Americans tend to love my British accent 😉

    What is really comes down to is being genuine isn’t it? It was interesting what you said about how people will see that on our blogs. I think that’s true. If we put on a false image and try to “write ourselves off” as someone we’re not, then eventually we’re going to fall flat on our faces. We can’t hide behind a blog. We have to be who we are.

    And, you got a new student Adrienne! 🙂 I checked out the link to your course and decided that it was too much of a bargain to let it pass. I’m excited to get to know more of your story and to keep learning.

    Thanks Donna for doing this interview. I love this idea and look forward to the interviews that you’ll do in the future.

    • 4-27-2015

      Hi Rachel,

      I am so glad you enjoyed this interview with Adrienne. See what a short video can do? Indeed, put one up on your blog and see the difference between hiding behind words and have people see you in full action.

      I do it now and then myself. A two minute video can do the trick. It builds the Know, Like and Trust factor because people actually see you. Plus it is a great for exposure on Youtube. Win Win

      I am delighted that you have purchased Adrienne’s course. You just can’t go wrong, especially at this price before it goes up again.


      • 4-27-2015

        Hey Rachel,

        We did have fun and our laughs can be infectious at times.

        Thank you for your lovely comment and I wish everyone would have been able to just join on in with all this fun but then Donna wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what she’s created and that was to keep this short and sweet. To give her audience an opportunity to meet the people behind what she’s sharing so you can get a sense of who we are. Videos are a wonderful way of doing that and you’re right. We do love those British accents so I say jump on in Rachel. We would LOVE to see and hear you. It makes that connection that more real.

        It most definitely does, just be yourself. The right people will connect with you and that’s who you really want anyway. People can see through whether or not you’re being genuine or not. You’re going to be all over the web and if you’re not who you’re putting out there then their time will come. How can it not!

        Thank you so much Rachel for your purchase, I’m so happy to have you. The course itself is simple to go through so just read through it and then come back and start doing the work. I’m here if you need me so don’t be bashful. I know you’re not but I just want to reiterate that fact okay!

        Thank you too Donna for this opportunity and sharing with your readers who I am and how I can help them. I am so excited about this series and can’t wait to see who you’ll have on next.

        You ladies have a wonderful week.


  9. 4-27-2015

    Congratulations on your first interview!! Very exciting… 🙂 and it’s great to meet Adrienne! So glad you’re talking about the KLT. So many are getting blogging wrong. Love Adrienne’s thoughts on community too, and you know that resonated with me, right? Wonderful, wonderful … great interview!

    • 4-27-2015

      Hi Lesly,

      I’m so happy that you met Adrienne! She is a long time friend of mine and is so passionate about getting blogging done the right way.

      How did I ever know you would resonate with her thoughts on community? lol.

      You two need to get together!


      • 4-27-2015

        Hi Lesly,

        We’ve met before but it’s been a while.

        I appreciate the kind words and of course I know you and Donna are blogging buddies. She and I are very passionate about teaching people the “right” way to blog so that they’ll have some success. No one wants to put all that hard work in and then not get any results. Glad this resonated with you as well and again, thanks for your comment.


  10. 4-27-2015

    Hello Donna & Adrienne, What a great way to start out a new blog.. Wooo Hooo Loved this interview. Two Caring Soles!!

    What a great way to start off your new Blog My Friend! Looking forward to more… Chery :))

    • 4-27-2015

      Hey Chery,

      Thank you so much and I agree…. Love that she chose me as her first interview and we had so much fun.

      Thanks for the visit and enjoy your week.


      • 4-27-2015

        Hey Chery,

        So happy you came by. Thanks for visiting us and having a good old time!


  11. 4-27-2015

    Hi Donna,

    Congratulations on your new blog. This was a great interview on how to’s for bloggers. I think so many of us do forget to build our audience first and then blog. Many of us usually just start blogging and then build our audience…so it’s good to see these tips on how to do things properly and in order. Thanks so much.

    • 4-27-2015

      Hi BG,

      Thank you for your comment and glad you enjoyed what we had to share. Donna and I think a LOT alike so it’s always a pleasure to connect with someone like that. I appreciate her ongoing support and happy to hear that you agree with what we shared.

      Thank you again and you have a wonderful day.


  12. 4-27-2015

    Hi BG,

    Thank you and I am glad you stopped by. Yes, building a community is so important. Adrienne knows exactly how to do that one!


  13. 4-27-2015

    Hi Donna and Adrienne

    Commenting here just to share my frustration of not enjoying your awesome dialogue because YouTube is banned in my country due to some political reasons.

    If possible and there is no issue of speed I request you to share this one or next one of same kind simultaneously on Daily Motion or Vimeo with its link (not embedded) just below the YT share.

    This is simply my request and may be of mine alone because YouTube is banned only in my country while rest of your audience would be fully enjoying it as who would never love to listen the expert discussion of two amazing bloggers.

    • 4-27-2015

      Hey Mi Muba,

      Oh no, that’s horrible and I’m shocked to hear that. Oh wow, so sorry you’re not able to hear my interview. If you would like to hear the interview just let me know. If you are using DropBox then I can send you the video so you can watch it if you’d like. Donna might have another way it’s set up as well but just in case I’ll do that for you.

      Wonder why they don’t like YouTube! 🙁

      Thanks for commenting though.


      • 4-27-2015

        Hi Mi Muba,

        Sorry to know that you cannot get Youtube. I really don’t know any other way how to send it 🙁

  14. 4-27-2015

    Hi Donna/Adrienne

    First I think this is a wonderful idea having a live interview. Donna your new blog definitely has swag. 😀

    Although I see you two daily it’s good to hear your voices and actually see you moving and laughing.

    I look up to you both and respect and appreciate what you’re doing to help others.
    I have learned a lot from you two.

    Adrienne people see your success and don’t really know what you went through to get there. And you both confessed being confused and in a lot of pain when you first started blogging.

    These are the kind of stories new or struggling bloggers need to hear because now they have something they can identify with.

    Everyone is constantly competing with one another in the blogging community but you teach compete with yourself by beating the previous you. And that it’s a process and not a place for instant gratification.

    I want you both to know how much an impact this interview had on me.

    Very insightful!

    • 4-28-2015

      Hi Vernon,

      Thank you for your kind comment and yes, I struggled horribly in the beginning. A LOT of self-doubt started coming into play for me and I’m a very confident woman. It was weird for me but I had the hardest time learning and grasping all of this and didn’t have anyone to turn to. It can be a very lonely place but the one thing I knew for sure is that I belonged here. This was what I was suppose to be doing.

      I’m living proof that anyone in this world can do this because if you only knew what I went through to learn all of this stuff you would be amazed that I made it too. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others, I know they can do this if they really want.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment and I’m happy to hear that this interview had an impact on you.


      • 4-28-2015

        Hi Vernon,

        I am so glad you enjoyed this interview. Sure does make a difference when you can see a person live on an interview doesn’t it? This is why I set up this site.

        Adrienne had to be my first guest because of her passion for people and of course her product that will help others.


  15. 4-28-2015

    Hi, Donna and Adrienne, what a great interview. So relaxed and fun!

    This is such a good idea for a website, Donna. There are so many products out there so it’s going to be good to get your selection plus hear what the person who made it has to say. And it’s not like a dry directory, what I liked best is that it was a real conversation.

    I really hope all your videos are as good as this! Thanks, Donna 🙂

    • 4-28-2015

      Hi Donald,

      It is my intention to have this kind of platform when I find great products. I want people to see who they are buying from.

      As we get saturated with so many products each and every day on our emails and other places, I thought it would be a great idea to get to know who is behind a product.


    • 4-28-2015

      Thank you Donald and we did really enjoy ourselves. It was definitely fun.

      I agree, great idea for a website since Donna does support others in this way so why not just introduce them to her audience so they’ll be able to get their own feel for who they are and what they offer.

      Just thrilled to be her first guest.

      Thank you for commenting and enjoy your week.


  16. 4-28-2015

    Hi Adrienne and Donna,

    Great to see you both here in this interview. Congrats on this new site, Donna.

    You’re so right, I do still see people doing the sidebar ads, etc. out there and they’re just doing it wrong. It’s a shame. And Adrienne course was awesome. And the key thing is just like it was mentioned here … take action. That’s the key to a lot of things in life … you need to take action.

    Great interview here, Donna.

    – Andrew

    • 4-28-2015

      Hi Andrew,

      So happy that you liked our interview. Yes there are many ways to market, but I want to help people make a choice….a 15 minute video can make a world of difference. Sidebar ads, emails, and all of that is one thing, but when you get to see a product creator and get to know their intention, it is a different story.

      I am so glad you enjoyed Adrienne’s course. And yes, it is up to us to take action. If we don’t we will never get anywhere.


    • 4-28-2015

      Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out Donna’s first interview of this series for her new site. Honored to be here of course.

      Happy that Donna wanted to introduce me to her audience and what I offer because as we both know, so many people are still doing it wrong out there and then getting so discouraged and quitting. Had they only gotten the right information they could have turned this all around. Just breaks my heart but hopefully we can reach enough people and show them the right way.

      Thanks again and you enjoy your week.


  17. 4-28-2015

    Hi Donna,

    I got such a kick out of watching this video and listening to the two of you. It was raw and honest – a real treat.

    Just last week, Adrienne was over on my blog sharing her two must-have business strategies for bloggers. She definitely stays on message.

    Great interview and good luck being number one in her comment section. Personally, I’ve given up! I comment but I’ll never be number one on her site.

    BTW – Adrienne’s guest post on my site has broken the “100” mark for comments. 🙂

    • 4-28-2015

      Hi Sherryl,

      I am so happy you enjoyed this interview – yes raw and honest is the way we roll lol. I’ve given up too trying to be the first commenter on her blog. One day, maybe by chance or luck, I can make it to be her first commenter lol.

      I’m sure having Adrienne as your guest will break the 100 mark easily


    • 4-28-2015

      Hey Sherryl,

      So glad you enjoyed the interview, we had a great time of course.

      I definitely have a message to share don’t I Sherryl? If we can reach enough people and help them learn than it was so worth it.

      I chuckle about being number one and I’m flattered. Oh and happy we broke the 100 comments mark my dear. Awesome.

      You have a great week and thanks Sherryl.


  18. 5-2-2015

    Donna, you know..? It was really exited to be here, on your new blog.

    Honestly, this above is great communication about blogging, and online business. I’m really appreciate learn about Adrienne product.

    Actually, I read a lot of reviewing about “Building a Community”. It’s the time that I listen myself what Adrienne said here.

    You know..? Actually, I always believe on what you both said because you always right. No business could skip blogging because it is the most important for doing online business.

    Another important is blogging could live away from building community in area of interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.! 🙂

    • 5-2-2015

      Hi Kimsea,

      Thank you for coming by. I will do my best to have guests here that will help others, from their products, services to being an influence.

      My goal is to have people meet people behind the words. Oh yes…we do need a community when we are bloggers and Adrienne is an expert on this.


    • 5-4-2015

      Hi Kimsea,

      So glad you stopped by to check out Donna’s new site and my interview here. I really enjoy doing this and it was a pleasure.

      I’m come to learn a lot about building relationships and through my course I was able to share it all. I know it works for others as well and I’m sure you’re doing a great job building yours.

      Thank you for your visit and comment. We appreciate that so much and you have a great week.


  19. 5-12-2015

    Hi Adrienne and Donna,

    I found out about this new adventure and had to come by and check it out. I am so glad I did! I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to both of you interact and all the golden information that you have shared. It is a real treat. I do love your smiles!

    Best of success with this new journey, Donna! I will be sharing this and coming back for more!

    • 5-13-2015

      Hi Robin,

      I am so grateful that you have stopped by. When Adrienne and I get together, we are always laughing. I just had to open up this new blog with her as my guest.

      Seeing the gal behind the product she has for us creates a better interest for people who don’t know her. She is bubbly, kind, and when it comes to engagement she is the engagement queen!


    • 5-15-2015

      Hi Robin,

      Sorry I’m late coming by here but wanted to thank you for checking out Donna’s new place and our interview. We do have a good time when we’re together but we also love helping our audiences too. Just glad you enjoyed what we had to share and thank you again so very much my friend.


  20. 5-13-2015

    It was so great to hear your voices and your interaction was natural. I loved it. Adrienne, thank you for your blogging advice. I have personally followed your suggestions and they do work :).

    Donna, this is an awesome thing you’re doing here. I”m off to watch the next interview!

    Have a wonderful day ladies! Thank you both for being such an inspiration!


    • 5-14-2015

      Hi Corina,

      I am so glad you enjoyed our chat. Can’t go wrong with Adrienne’s blogging advice!

      It is good to know you like this new blog of mine and I appreciate you coming over.


    • 5-15-2015

      Hey Cori,

      People get to see us and hear us and I’m glad you enjoyed our interaction here. I’m also always thrilled to hear when someone has taken my advice, used it and it’s worked for them. Love hearing those types of results Cori, thanks for sharing that.

      Love what Donna is doing here too and I know you’ll enjoy the rest.

      Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.


  21. 5-14-2015

    Hi Donna and Adrienne,

    I love that you guys keep emphasizing that blogging is a process. I learned in offline networking over 20 years how important it is to build a community of believers and followers.

    I was excited that I got to know both of you via networking through our blogs.

    As Adrienne says, we have to build our audience first and then the rest follows. I agree so much that the community around us is the difference maker.

    I like to say “let me be your Google.”

    Great video and I appreciate you both so much!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • 5-14-2015

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed our chat. Both Adrienne and I cannot emphasize enough that blogging is a process.

      The people we connect with is wonderful and that is how I met you! Sure glad I did Don.

      Yes, as Adrienne says… We have to build our audience first and the rest will follow. I do agree with that one!


    • 5-15-2015

      Hey Don,

      Ah yes, it most definitely is. I know everyone is in such a hurry these days but show me one business, any business, that was created overnight and became an instant success. I’m not talking about a movie star that opened up something and with their connections got the word out and they made millions their first day. I’m talking about all of us, the everyday people who are eager to get out there and start making something for ourselves.

      Everything takes time and when you start connecting with people then that’s the proof that you can actually start speeding up the process. Hence the example of the movie star. 😉

      Thanks for the visit Don and I’m SO glad I met you through blogging. You are a champion my friend and eager to help others as well. Thank you again for all you do.


  22. 5-15-2015

    Hi Donna and Adrienne,

    Long time no see!

    …and I love your interview with Adrienne. You are the two of my most favorite bloggers. Donna, you are always down-to-earth and follow me and correspond with me. I love that. Also Adrienne, she correspond with me pretty well which I love about her. She always respond. I love your interview.

    So far, I’m struggling in coming back into blogging just because of what is happening “at home”. I have been depressed and discouraged. But I talked to Don Purdum and I want to hire him as my “Business Mentor”…soon but not soon enough. Anyway, I should start blogging again. Perhaps I will post something next Thursday. Anyhoo, wish you both a great evening and may…

    God bless,

    • 5-15-2015

      Hi Angela,

      Always good to see you my friend.

      You are so sweet Angela and thanks for saying that. I think the world of you my friend and just hang in there okay. I think everything happens for a reason and there are certain things we all just have to go through in life. I think though that you’ll come out even better having gone through this and then with Don’s help you’re going to flourish. I just know it and it’s going to be fabulous.

      Thanks for the comment and I’m excited for your future!


  23. 5-15-2015

    Hi Angela,

    Yes, long time no see. I don’t know what is happening at home but I hope all will get better. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I was wondering why you weren’t blogging lately….but it is good to know that you will be working with Don. He sure can help you get back on track.


  24. 5-17-2015

    Lovely to see you ladies laughing together and enjoying the Business of Blogging!

    What a hit this blog will be Donna, with your wonderful idea of 15 minute slots.

    You are both such role models in the blogging world and lovely how you support each other along the way, we can all learn such a lot from you both, by seeing how you present yourselves, your blogs and your blogging products.

    I was laughing so much at the challenge to be the first commenter on Adrienne’s blog…. I have to say I get finger ache scrolling through the comments when I visit both of your blogs… and lose much time reading them all!

    I found it Interesting about building your audience, that is what I am working on, using social media and communities, whilst brainstorming a product. It certainly is a wibbly wobbly journey, and challenging slotting all the pieces in, but oh such fun!

    Thank you both for this interview 🙂

    ~ Jacs

    • 5-17-2015

      Hi Jacs,

      So glad you enjoyed this interview with Adrienne. Whenever we get together we sure do laugh a lot!

      I wanted to make it 15 minute slots this way people could spend a little time over a cup of coffee or tea to check out the person behind a product or service.

      It is funny trying to be the first commenter on Adrienne’s blog lol. I gave up. If I’m number 13 it is fine by me. he he he

      Sorry for the finger aches we give ya,


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