Bradley Waldrop and the IM Mastermind

Categories: Internet Marketing | Posted on May 21, 2015

BradBradley Waldrop Brings The IM Mastermind To The Buzz

My sincere thanks to Bradley Waldrop for taking 15 minutes from his very busy schedule, to visit me on the Buzz.

Having spent 20+ years owning and operating businesses and divisions of large companies, Bradley is currently the president of Chrysalis Consulting, LLC.

He is a highly accomplished internet marketer and consultant who has produced 3 digital products to date:

  • Instagram Marketing Made Easy
  • LinkedIn Marketing Secrets Step-by-Step Guide
  • Samurai Secrets to Building a Stellar Online Business

The IM Mastermind

I’ve worked with Bradley in his private mastermind group and I can tell you, it’s for serious internet marketers.  No fluff and non-sense.

You can learn more about this in his Facebook group:

Bradley Waldrop’s IM MasterMIND

A regular feature of Bradley’s “IM MasterMIND” is what he calls his “NO-PITCH webinars.”

No pitch, just pure training.

I was recently a featured guest on one of his no-pitch webinars, and we had a great time together.

It’s a great place for serious internet marketers to do some pretty high level learning from one of the best in the business.

I highly recommend that you get acquainted with Bradley by visiting his “IM MasterMIND” group.  It’s an “invitation only” group, so just tell him “Donna sent me here from the Buzz.”

Meanwhile, I’d love to get your feedback on some of the things he shared with you in this interview.

Please leave your comment or question below.


  1. 5-21-2015

    I want to thank you Bradley for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

    You have helped me so much since the brief time I’ve known you. When it comes to the term “go giver” you are the definition of it.


  2. 5-21-2015

    Hi Donna and Bradley,

    I enjoyed the interview very much. I will be asking to join your group, Bradley. I’ve been online a while and just finally learning how to put the pieces together and getting a lot of “aha” moments.

    Donna and David have been a great help to me in that respect and I like the idea of your “NO-PITCH webinars.”

  3. 5-21-2015

    Hi Monna,

    I know how eager you are to learn and joining this group will enhance your ability to market. Those “No-Pitch” webinars are a great help on various topics we need to face when running our own business.

    Bradley does a wonderful job helping with this.


  4. 5-22-2015

    Interesting interview, Donna.

    Bradley certainly has his pulse on the IM industry, and he extends himself to the community in many ways. Not least of all, the no-pitch webinars he does that are pure education.

    Thanks for bringing him to the Buzz, and thanks Bradley for joining in.

    • 5-22-2015

      Hi David,

      I’m so glad you got to meet Bradley. Even though I tell you about it all the time and you are in the other room working on your end…. Now you can meet the man I am always talking about.

      Bradley sure extends himself to the community.


  5. 5-22-2015

    Hello Bradley, nice to meet you here on Donna’s blog. I loved this interview and the thought of learning from one another..

    What a great take away Donna, I do think that making friends is what this business is all about.. This No pitch webinar sounds like a great idea as well as FUN!!

    Great Share! Thanks and do have an Amazing Holiday weekend Ahead..
    Chery :))

    • 5-22-2015

      Hi Chery,

      So good to know you loved our interview! Indeed, making friends is what it is all about in our industry.

      The No Pitch Webinars are so valuable.


  6. 5-22-2015

    Hi Donna, I’m so glad to be getting these directly in my email. Great interview. I have to admit, I have not heard of Bradley… but I’m very interested in learning more. I love the idea of the “no pitch” webinars. My biggest take away from this interview would be his approach to elevated customer service… because his customers come before his “weeklyish” trainings, and his placing emphasis on keeping focused. Thanks again.

  7. 5-22-2015

    Hi BG

    Glad you have signed into the email for this blog. I want to keep people posted to others.

    Bradley’s group is amazing. He has so much knowledge in the industry. Yes, customer service has to come first. His trainings are always great and people can participate on the webinars.

    I’ve learned so much from him since I’ve joined his group. It is great to be with other serious marketers and product creators.


  8. 5-25-2015

    Hi Donna and Bradley,

    Thanks for introducing Bradley and about his concept of “No Pitch” webinars and people helping other people. 🙂

    That’s really wonderful as I also stand by this principle. This is what we do at our blog community too and I really appreciate Bradley taking this route.

    I’m sorry I could not see the entire hangout video as I had poor Internet connection but I might return some other day and view it in its entirety. However, from whatever I saw, Bradley looks a genuine and helpful person and I’m sure his mastermind group is as good as well.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  9. 5-29-2015

    Hi Harleena,

    Bradley sure is a genuine and helpful person. Sorry you couldn’t see the entire interview, but you sure got to meet him here and everything you have mentioned is what he is about.

    His “No Pitch” webinars are such a help for the many issues he covers. I’m learning so much being in his group. The people there are also great. Ethical is the word to describe them.

    We can ask questions, everyone jumps in and helps. If anyone tries to even spam, they are out! This is a great group to belong to because Bradley is always teaching and helping others.

    I wanted people to meet him so that they can emulate how to share their knowledge with others too.


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