Buzz Policy

Welcome To Donna Merrill Buzz.

On this site I will interview mainly product creators and leaders in blogging, internet marketing, and online business.

I will often recommend their products and services.

If I specifically declare that I am an “affiliate” of a product or service, that means that I will earn a commission if you decide to click on my “affiliate link” and purchase the product or service from that web page.

If I specifically declare that I am not an affiliate, then I will not earn any commission from it.

For the most part, I will only recommend products and services I have purchased and that I use myself.

There may be some times when I recommend things mainly because of my knowledge of and experience with the product creator.

In any event, whether or not I affiliate any particular product/service, I only present things I believe can help you in your online business.

Please only purchase things you can afford, and that you have determined can help you attain your online business goals. And only buy things you have immediate use for. I strongly discourage you from buying things on this site or anywhere else that you do not intend to actually put to use.

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