Matt Wolfe Talks About FB Uncovered

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Matt Wolfe
Talks About
“FB Uncovered”

I’ve got to give a great big “thanks” to Matt Wolfe for joining me today on a really cool episode of Donna Merrill Buzz.

Matt is a father, a husband, and an online entrepreneur.

He started blogging back in about 2005, and since has built several very successful blogs, many of which still generate passive income to this day. He has taught his blogging methods to countless students. In 2009, he launched

The WordPress Classroom to teach bloggers how to monetize, and generate traffic to their blogs.

Matt is the author of one of the best selling books on Amazon, “WordPress Revealed.”

So, yea, you could say that he knows a few things about how bloggers and marketers can get traffic and build revenue online.

One of the biggest things savvy marketers use for traffic and revenue nowadays, is Facebook Ads.

Matt, together with his current partner Josh Bartlett (of Easy Video Suite fame) have spent hundreds of thousands implementing some very effective Facebook advertising techniques.

So here’s the real story they want told.

Anyone can do Facebook ads.

That means you, too!

They have teamed up to cut loose a special launch of FB Uncovered for a limited time.

This new course shows you EXACTLY how to get low cost, traffic on a daily basis. AND you can retarget this traffic over & over until they buy from you!

Matt and Josh show you exactly how to do this “Even If You Are A Complete Beginner With A Tiny Budget.”

Grab your copy from my affiliate link here…

FB Uncovered

When you do, you’ll even get a special Free Bonus… a simple WordPress plugin (which sells for $47) that allows you to easily and instantly retarget any website or affiliate links you want.

Remember, FB Uncovered combined with this Special Free Bonus will only be available during this brief launch.

So grab my affiliate link and pick it up right now.


  1. 5-7-2015

    I want to thank you Matt for taking time out for doing this interview. As a FB fan myself, doing ads with that trial and error, this is a sure fit! For anyone who is trying to place an add or even grow their list…. Facebook is the way to go.

    This was a blast..Thank you

  2. 5-7-2015

    Thanks for having me on today Donna. I had a great time and I hope people learned a couple cool little tricks from this. Looking forward to chatting again soon!

    • 5-7-2015

      Hi Matt,

      It was so great to connect with you. I too had a great time chatting. I love those little tricks you threw in there. There is always room to learn!

      I wanted my readers to see the person behind the product. And this one is Fantastic. I am learning so much to apply to do ads on FB. Love this!


  3. 5-7-2015

    Hi Matt, and welcome to Donna’s blog 🙂

    Good to meet you here and that was a lovely video indeed! 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about FB Uncovered earlier, so this was something new for me, though one hears about the FB advts all the time!

    It works for some people, especially those who put in a little more, as I guess their reach widens, and they are consistent about it too. While the others (as I have heard) don’t go beyond an odd trial, starting with the least as they didn’t find results.

    As you mentioned Matt, you need to be a little consistent with the promotions and perhaps spend a little till you see the returns coming in, if I am right. I still need to get on with FB advt, when I have something worth offering in terms of business, marketing, products etc – as it’s all worth the money spent then.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Donna – and I loved the way this video post was done up, with you coming in (and visible too!). Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    • 5-7-2015

      Hi Harleena,

      Thank you so much for coming over and leaving such a great comment. Once you have something to market, Face Book is a great platform to do so.

      So many are afraid, or even have tried it once and it didn’t work out. But as with anything else, learning things correctly will do the job.

      It reminds me of the bloggers that put a few posts up and then quit. There has to be consistency. But you know that more than anyone else.


  4. 5-7-2015

    Hi Donna ma’am,

    Nice to meet Matt this time. When I heard he started blogging back in 2005 I was like… Oh REALLY?

    I enjoyed the interview. Now I know why you share your links in the comments and not inside the posts. Cool! 🙂

    I wish Matt and Josh all the best for their course. Thanks for sharing. Good day. 🙂

    ~ Rohan Chaubey.

    • 5-7-2015

      Hi Rohan,

      I so appreciate you coming by. Glad you enjoyed the interview and picked up a cool trick or two lol.

      This is why I love doing interviews…we get to meet some great people and see the person behind the product. Matt and Josh worked so hard on this. And I’m sure anyone who picks up this course to do some Facebook Ads will do it correctly right from the start!


  5. 5-7-2015

    Hi Donna,

    It was great to see your interview with Matt Wolfe on the Buzz. I know he’s a master at Facebook ads, and of course, Josh Bartlett is well known to be a leader in the industry.

    So their FB Uncovered training looks like a real “must have” for anybody looking to learn the real power behind Facebook ads. I especially like how they show even beginners with practically no budget how to do this!

    • 5-7-2015

      Hey David,

      Matt and Josh Bartlett are well known leaders in the industry. Indeed, the training is a must have if one is going to do some Facebook Ads. From beginners with a low budget to those who have a larger one.

      Well, you know me….I’m always tweaking my advertising. lol. This product is amazing.


  6. 5-7-2015

    Hey Donna,

    Matt is someone that I think everyone can learn from. Having had success with his blogging program and now he’s into Facebook, sounds like with all the testing that he’s done he’s now someone we can all learn from.

    I used Facebook ads a number of years ago and had taken a course to learn how to do them properly but I didn’t get any sales at all from those. Some traffic but not a lot. It seemed like I was just throwing money away at that point so I gave that up and have not run any since. Maybe when I’m ready I’ll jump back in but it’s good to know Matt has a course we can follow. I would definitely follow one again because I know I wouldn’t be able to have any success on my own.

    Thanks Donna for sharing Matt with us and introducing us to him. You’re living up already to what you promised to deliver to us.


    • 5-7-2015

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks a million for stopping by I so appreciate your comment. Yes, Matt is doing some great things out there isn’t he?

      Back in the day doing Facebook ads were pretty difficult and the ROI wasn’t so cost effective.

      I have been doing my share of FB ads and my ROI is OK, but I want to pump it up and learn the latest and greatest. Matt and Josh sure did their homework and came out with a wonderful training.

      Yes, I am living up to my promise lol. Hey, I started this blog with a bang featuring you my dear!

      Thanks again.


  7. 5-8-2015

    Hi Matt and Donna,

    Such a great interview and information shared. I am one of the “scared-y cats” when it comes to PPC advertising. I tried it one time when I thought I knew what I was doing but that came to a screeching halt in a very short time and $500 out of my pocket.

    I have to admit though $5.00 a day to test some things does not seem too bad. I may try it again.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

  8. 5-9-2015

    Hi Monna,

    Many people are “scared-y-cats” when it comes to PPC advertising. It can be very costly if you don’t know what you are doing.

    I “boost” my posts and create ads on Facebook and the ROI is always a winner!

    You can always try to boost a post at first for $5. Or create an ad. Watch it closely, and if it doesn’t do well you just turn it off. Pretty easy to do, if you follow the plan.

    Thanks for coming by,


  9. 5-13-2015

    Hi Donna and Matt,

    Matt, it’s so nice to meet you. Thanks for telling us about your latest project. I’m about to hop over and get more details about it but from what you’ve shared today, it sounds like something I can definitely benefit from.

    Enjoy the rest of your week,


    • 5-14-2015

      Hi Corina,

      Good to know you found this of interest. Matt Wolfe is a wonderful person. He is extremely successful but such a regular guy.

      This is one of the reasons I created the Buzz. To interview the people behind their products, services or influence.


  10. 5-14-2015

    Hi Donna,

    WOW! This was a great interview. I honestly haven’t heard of their product before but what a genius idea.

    Matt offered a few really great tips and two of them caught me attention as “what didn’t I think of that before?” moments. DUH! lol…

    I so appreciate your series and introductions.

    Have a great end to your week Donna!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • 5-14-2015

      Hi Don,

      Matt has many products under his belt. He is what some would call a “guru” but as you can see here, he is a great person.

      This is why I created this blog…to have others meet the doers and shakers out there in internet land lol.

      Glad you got that “what didn’t I think of that before?” moment lol.


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