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Lesly Federici Power Affiliate ClubLesly Federici Talks About…
“The Power Affiliate Club” For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

Lesly is an affiliate marketer and consultant.

But that’s not all.

She’s also “a mom, a wife, an artist turned registered nurse.”

And that’s what she calls her “skeleton list.”

All in all, she’s a pretty interesting gal.

Like to know more?

Here’s Lesly’s back story.

Just one year ago, Lesly launched The Power Affiliate Club (PAC) which she co-founded with Monna Ellithorpe.


Happy First Anniversary to PAC!

The Power Affiliate Club

PAC is a community of bloggers that come together to support each other in theirΒ  online affiliate marketing.Β  It helps members brand themselves, grow their blogs and cross promote their affiliate offers within the community.

I’m a member and regular contributing author.

It’s a great blogging group that focuses on affiliate marketing, so that’s pretty unique.

Lesly Federici and the Power Affiliate ClubPAC is also perfect for new bloggers because there’s always someone around to help you.

Almost every day there’s some kind of training going on.Β  This is truly a place for engagement.

You can get all the nitty gritty on PAC right here:


(This is for your information, and is NOT an affiliate link).


  1. 5-2-2015

    Thank you so much Lesly for taking the time out to spend with me. I love being part of PAC. Whenever I meet new bloggers, I tell them to join. There is so much support there.

    When it comes to purchasing products, why not purchase them from “trusted friends” And that is where I go to shop. Purchasing from a friend is the best because he/or she will help you with that purchase. You are not alone.

    Speaking of not alone…Many bloggers are coming into the blogosphere every day. They need direction and support. PAC provides that.


    • 5-8-2015

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you for having me on your show! Loved sharing information and with people like you, and programs like PAC, we can help so many new people coming on line. Thanks again, it was an honor and you’re off to a good start on the Buzz! Congratulations!

  2. 5-2-2015

    Hi Donna and Lesly,

    Did I hear my name mentioned? LOL

    Donna I love this idea you had and the interview was great Lesly. Thank you so much for all you do, includes both Donna and especially Lesly (co-partnering in PAC).

    As Lesly said you never know what will evolve from a simple idea and a short conversation.

    Please join in PAC with us and learn and have FUN like we do almost every day.

  3. 5-3-2015

    Hey Monna,

    Of course Lesly mentioned your name lol. It was the idea that came from you that PAC was born as she said. I just love the story about that. Now the two of you are going to be busy because as this goes viral, more people will be coming to PAC…I just know it!


  4. 5-3-2015

    Hi Donna and Lesly,
    Great interview, and I am so glad that I am a part of PAC.
    Love you guys, love the community the support and the
    idea behind it. PAC Rocks!
    Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful day!

    • 5-3-2015

      Hi Emi,

      Love being part of PAC TOO! So glad you liked the interview


    • 5-8-2015

      Hi Emi!
      We LOVE having you as a member and your contributions are wonderful. We;re helping so many learn about blogging and marketing online. YOU are a part of it – Thank You!

  5. 5-3-2015

    Hi Donna and Lesly ,
    great interview ,I still remember the talk about
    this in our hangout ,when Monna came up with this Idea
    and it was ,what I too have been thinking ,why not buy from
    somebody we know .I am happy Lesly ,Like she always say’s ,
    did the magic with her action πŸ™‚
    Happy to belong to the group, nice to see you two
    action ladies talk about .
    Thank you

    • 5-3-2015

      Hi Erika,

      This was so much fun to be with Lesly on her interview. Celebrating one whopping year on PAC’s Anniversary!


  6. 5-3-2015

    I would have commented sooner but a big bad computer virus got me and I think I have nipped it! YAY!! LOVED, LOVED out interview… thank you so much for highlighting PAC> Monna and I are pretty proud of it and we have lots planned.. so thank you and appreciate the spotlight πŸ™‚ Much love to you … πŸ™‚

    • 5-3-2015

      Hi Lesly,

      So happy you got all that straightened out! That computer virus really got to you, but now it is all fixed!

      It was so great interviewing you. I am grateful for all you do on PAC.


      • 5-8-2015

        Hi Donna,
        Yea.. what a bugaboo .. all good now. You’re doing awesome things too … LOVE the BUZZ!!! πŸ™‚

  7. 5-3-2015

    Hi Donna,

    Great interveiw, and I find the community just as amazing. There’s always so much to learn and do, and folks who are honestly willing to help out and lead you. It’s a blogging family of mentors, tools and tips. Where would anyone else want to be. Thanks again!

    • 5-3-2015

      Hi BG,

      You said it all when you mention that PAC is a “family of mentors, tools and tips” It sure is and so great to be part of it.


    • 5-8-2015

      Thank you! We are indeed a “Family of Mentors” … love that. So glad you’re getting so much out of PAC!

  8. 5-4-2015

    Hi Lesly, and welcome to Donna’s blog πŸ™‚

    Good to meet you here, and know all about you – lovely interview indeed πŸ™‚

    Yes, I’ve heard about PAC from Monna, and I also read about it when she was featured in her interview at Enstine, and of course with Donna recommending it, there is no doubt it must be a wonderful resource. I’d have joined had I been into marketing and affiliate, which I am just about starting on a slow pace – so once I am ready, I’d be there! Love the way you are all helping the newbies, that’s something I really do believe in – giving back in our best ways to others by helping them in the best possible way.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you πŸ™‚

    • 5-8-2015

      Hi Harleena,
      Yes! Come join us! Come now, never wait .. we have several people just learning, some seasoned, and we’re all happy to help! Hope to see you there… πŸ™‚

  9. 5-4-2015

    Hi Harleena,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. So happy that you enjoyed this interview. Monna is the co-founder of PAC. There is so much going on in this group, especially for those who are new.

    Everyone seems to pitch in and help each other. This is why I love being there myself. It is not only for affiliate marketers. It is mostly geared to bloggers.

    When someone wants to purchase something, there is a huge affiliate page that we can go to. Whoever is affiliating a product or service will help you with that purchase.

    There is nothing better than purchasing something from someone you Know like and trust isn’t it?


    • 5-8-2015

      Hey Donna,
      Absolutely right, we are geared more towards bloggers who just happen to have an Affiliate program or two … but we focus on promoting our members any way we can, Expert Authors, Fan Page syndication, Focus groups to generate inspiration and motivation, blogging syndication, daily activities, and so much more … so something for everyone!

  10. 5-5-2015

    Hey Donna,

    Excellent interview with Lesly. Never heard of PAC before. But I joined on Facebook and I’m willing to check it out and see what it’s all about. However, from what I gathered from the interview, it’s more geared towards newbies … and that I am not. But I’ll still check it out, like I said.

    Liking these interview series so far. Good job.

    – Andrew

    • 5-5-2015

      Hi Andrew,

      Although there are some newbies there, there are also some seasoned bloggers. It is a great place if you want to meet more people for your blog.

      Also, there are “expert authors” there Like me lol. And I’m sure you will be an asset to the group as an author.

      Also, if you want to run any kind of learning curve, PAC sure will appreciate it. As a seasoned blogger like yourself, you can have the opportunity to teach more people on this group.

      Thank you for coming by and I have a great guest coming up this week!


    • 5-8-2015

      Hi Andrew,
      Yes I saw you joined and that’s terrific! I have to say PAC is not just for Newbies, you have an opportunity to be an Expert Author which increases your exposure , not to mention the blogging syndication we do. It is a mixed community of newbies and seasoned bloggers which helps everyone… If you have any questions… let me know. Again welcome!

  11. 5-10-2015

    Hi Donna

    Thanks for reminding me about PAC. I joined a few weeks ago and then “life” took a turn for the worse and online business has been virtually forgotten until I’m sorted out, and I didn’t take it any further.

    Perhaps if I had spent a little while adding a few links before I had to go away, I might have come back to a few affiliate sales πŸ™‚

    Notched it up my never-ending to-do list now, so great you reminded me.


    • 5-11-2015

      Hi Joy,

      Hope everything is well with you. I know when “life” happens, it does tear us away from our schedule.

      When you are ready, I’m sure you will be welcomed back. There are very understanding people in that group.


      • 6-18-2015

        Hi Donna,

        I did indeed revist PAC, and as you say I was welcomed back and enjoying the community. Can’t say life is sorted out yet, but coming back to PAC is a step in the right direction.


  12. 5-13-2015

    Hello Leslie and Donna!

    I loved this interview. I pulled up the PAC website and there is a ton of information I could use. I would say I’m relatively new to affiliate marketing so I need to learn all there is about it. PAC looks like a great resource for me.

    Thank you Leslie and Donna. I hope you two are having a great day!


    • 5-14-2015

      Hi Corina,

      Glad you liked this interview with Lesly. Yes PAC does have a ton of information. It is not only for affiliate marketers, but also for bloggers.

      The PAC idea is that if we want to purchase something online, we go to our friends in PAC and purchase a product or service from them. It is all about helping each other.

      There is so much going on there it is crazy! The events and community members are all awesome. It is all about people helping people.


  13. 5-14-2015

    Hi Donna,

    Sounds like a great community you are involved in… and having fun watching new bloggers grow and evolve.

    The support is so important for those who have no experience or history with blogging is critical.

    I don’t consider myself to be an affiliate marketer based on my audience of small business owners. But, as new businesses are coming online for a variety of reasons that means there is a massive opportunity for us.

    Have a great end to your week and I enjoyed learning about PAC.

    ~ Don Purdum

    • 5-14-2015

      Hi Don,

      It is a lovely community to be in. Not only for affiliate marketers, but also for bloggers. There are many newbies that need help and support from the seasoned bloggers and marketers in this group.

      It is a great place for people to learn and those of us who want to teach.


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