Srecko Butorac And Penny Traffic Magic

Categories: Internet Marketing | Posted on May 31, 2015

Srecko Butorac and Penny Traffic MagiacSrecko Butorac And Penny Traffic Magic…  “On The Buzz”

I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know Srecko “Lucky” Butorac.

He’s a relentless marketer who has known failures, but refused to accept them.

He was determined to find a way to build an online business that he and his family could rely on over the long haul.

Lucky continued in his quest to find a way to get affordable traffic until he mastered the art of finding cheap, even free traffic.

He’s put together the system he discovered in his new product release, ‘Penny Traffic Magic’

Lucky and his wife already had a successful offline business, centered on her hairdressing expertise.

So he already knew what it takes to overcome adversity and setbacks in order to run a business.

Now he would apply that mindset to creating a successful online business.

It reminded me of when I first came online, after having run my offline consulting practice for many years.

While I had no computer skills at all, I knew what sort of determination and consistency I would need.

So, I do understand what Lucky has gone through to succeed at the level he has.

It was my great pleasure to interview him from his home in Croatia about his new product. Now, it’s my great pleasure to introduce him to you.

I have purchased “Penny Traffic Magic,” and am putting it use in my business. I’m happy to affiliate it today, and give you the opportunity to find out how “you too can learn to drive high quality free and cheap traffic to your offers.”

Click my affiliate link below to get the details:

Now, while I am finding great value in Penny Traffic Magic for myself, I would suggest that you heed Lucky’s advice. That is, please don’t purchase this, or any training program if you don’t really intend to take action with it.

But if you are ready to take action to getting some high quality traffic and leads, for very cheap or free… then I do suggest you check it out. The price is so low for the value he gives you, that you’ll hardly believe it.

So let me hear from you, now.

What do you think about my buddy, Srecko Butorac, and the ideas he put expressed in this interview?


  1. 5-31-2015

    I always thought penny traffic was pretty much an illusion, Donna.

    But I have to admit, your guest, “Lucky”, has shown me some pretty impressive ways to actually make this happen.

    I bought his Penny Traffic Magic course and am going through it now, and for the price of admission… it’s an eye opener!

    Thanks Srecko for sharing your great information, and I really enjoyed the interview with Donna.

    • 6-1-2015

      Hi David,

      Thanks for purchasing Srecko’s Penny Traffic Magic course. I too am almost through and soon ready to take some action and apply.

      He sure does have some impressive ways shared with us of how we can boost our traffic for pennies!


  2. 6-1-2015

    Hi Donna and Srecko 🙂

    Always good to learn from your wonderful series here Donna 🙂

    As you mentioned that Srecko and his wife were already successful offline, so being online and taking up the challenges would have been altogether a different experience.

    I like the name – Penny Traffic Magic – sure sounds magically, and you know once I am ready for all of this, I’d be right here – back to seek your guidance about it. Nice hearing Srecko and all that he had to share.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • 6-1-2015

      Hi Harleena,

      I love to hear people’s stories, so this is the main focus of the “Buzz” Srecko set up his wife in an offline business. Now here he is with his own product. After many trials and errors, as we all had to face, he found a great way to get traffic for pennies.

      Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


  3. 6-1-2015

    Hi Donna and Srecko,

    Awesome interview. Donna, your new site is really helping a lot of people and you are just getting started.

    Srecko, I love it when I read or watch about someone like yourself, not claiming to be some type of guru or a million dollar earner is willing and freely offers his knowledge at a price that anyone can afford. Thank you and wishing you great success.

    • 6-1-2015

      Hi Monna,

      I am so glad you enjoyed this interview. Srecko is such a great person.

      Yes, he doesn’t claim to be a guru, but he worked hard and found something that really works. So he put it into a product to share with all of us. The price is so low it amazed me.

      We all cannot be million dollar earners, but as we tread through and take action, we can be self employed.


  4. 6-2-2015

    Hello Donna, So nice to meet Srecko here on your blog, I just loved your interview, he seems like he would be a great teacher. I do need to heed his advice and not waste my money though, I am so busy right now I wouldn’t even know where I would find the time to even look at something new.

    Thank You so much for sharing..
    Chery :))

  5. 6-3-2015

    Hey Chery,

    So happy to see you here. Glad you liked to meet Srecko. He is such an honest down to earth kinda guy and a great teacher because he truly cares about people.

    I do understand you are working with your blinders on and should not take them off for anything my friend.

    Good to know you enjoyed this.


  6. 6-7-2015

    Great interview with Srecko,
    I thought I had posted before but it didn’t seem to post.
    I think Screcko will be a great teacher. It’s really nice to see someone not claiming to be some type of guru and is willing to offer his knowledge at a price that anyone can afford. It seems more and more that people are realizing this is the way to go as people just do not have thousands of dollars to spend on programs.

    • 6-14-2015

      Hi Kathryn,

      I sure agree with you here. I am so blessed to have Screcko here and he is a great teacher. It is so refreshing to see someone that doesn’t claim to be a guru and willing to offer his knowledge at an affordable price.

      I too believe that more and more people are going in this direction.


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