Zaxaa and Welly Mulia on the Buzz

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Zaxaa and Welly MuliaZaxaa and
Welly Mulia
on the Buzz

I was so happy to speak with Welly Mulia about Zaxaa.

Now, I shouldn’t assume you know what Zaxaa is, so I’ll go over that in a minute.

First, though, Welly Mulia, the driving force behind “Profits Theme” and “1 Minute Sites” is quite a fascinating person.

At the age of 7, his parents sent him from his home in Indonesia to study in Singapore.  Among other things, they wanted to be sure he learned English and Mandarin (the official language of China).

His greatest love, though, became video games.  Sounds like a familiar scenario, now, doesn’t it?

He eventually sought employment in the Unites States, but in his words… “NOBODY wanted to hire me ha ha.”

Upon his return to Indonesia, he started his online entrepreneurship.  He recalls that “one of the happiest days of my life” was when he received a $100 check from Adsense.

Fast forward to today, he is the co-founder and CEO of Zaxaa, arguably the premier product management and shopping cart platform.

Zaxaa is designed to

  1. get you selling your products online instantly,
  2. deliver them to your customers safely and securely, and
  3. rapidly recruit affiliates to help sell them.

Do you have a product in mind, but are scared crazy about figuring out how to put it all together into something you can actually sell and profit from?

Zaxaa could be the simple solution you need.

You can even get in for free, although I’d highly suggest you get in on the paid option since it’s got some great features that you’ll love, AND because it’s going to have a 25% price increase in just a matter of days.

Lock in your lifetime rate right now, before it goes up.

Or, get started for FREE.

Either way, grab you Zaxaa account today and I’ll throw in a really really cool bonus…

We will actually talk you through the process of getting your product on Zaxaa, live and person to person!  We’ll make sure you don’t get stopped by technical jitters and confusion.

Just send us a copy of your receipt when you sign up for either a free or paid account, so we can verify that you did it with our affiliate link, and the Bonus is yours!

I really hope you enjoyed hearing from Welly.

I was happy to have him on because I’m such a big fan of Zaxaa (which houses our Whirlwind Success “VIP Club”), and because I love to see how people actually bring their dreams into reality as online entrepreneurs.


  1. 5-8-2015

    Many thanks Welly for taking the time out to do this interview. I love Zaxaa and use it for my membership site. When I first came in I started with the free one, but within a few days, I went to the paid product.

    I always suggest people to use this service because it works so well and is up and above any other. People often ask me about the look of it and what do I use.

    I also love the customer service. I goofed up once and had an immediate response.


    • 5-12-2015

      Thank you Donna for having me on the call! And thank you also for your kind words about Zaxaa.

      And nice short bio of me you put up there.

      Have a nice day!
      Welly Mulia

  2. 5-8-2015

    Hello Donna, It was nice to meet and learn more about Welly and Zaxxa here today!

    Great advice quit chasing those shiny objects just getter done.. Make mistakes and learn from them..

    Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

    • 5-8-2015

      Hi Chery,

      Thanks for visiting and enjoying to learn more about Welly and Zaxxa today.

      Yes….quite chasing shiny object and get things done! That’s what we need to keep in mind.

      There is so much out there, but I like to be able to choose what works best for my business. I have been using Zaxxa and it is incredible!


    • 5-12-2015

      Hello Chery,

      Yeah that is the advice I gave at the end of the call because that’s what I went through during those struggling early days. You really need to be focused in what you do instead of jumping from one thing to another. It’s a lot better to go deep than wide, so to speak.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. 5-9-2015

    Hi Donna,

    Amazing, wish it had been an open session.

    Love Welly Mulia! Have his Profits Theme…what my site is on right now!

    Also, if you become approved as an affiliate for one of his products and send him a customer… then if that customer buys something else from him…even if it is a year later, you are the affiliate and earn a commission.

    A very nice system.

    He is also very strict with his rules. So don’t spam to sell anything of his.

    Hmm. A few years back I noticed that he hadn’t commented on his blog for
    months…so my comment was:

    “Welly Mulia where are you?”

    Got an answer a few days later. Seems he had taken some time off to be with wife and daughter and was touring the United States.

    Family is just as important as business.

    Thanks for the visit.

    • 5-10-2015

      Hi Cararta,

      Welly is one of the nicest people I’ve met. Nice to know you have his Profits Theme. I like his affiliate system because it is very ethical.

      I am an affiliate of Zaxaa and am in love with that system. I have it on my membership site where there are tons of videos. It is a nice clean way to communicate products.

      None of those long and boring sales pages lol.


    • 5-12-2015

      Hi Cararta,

      Hey I remembered that… you asking me where I’ve been after a long absence from my blog! Especially your avatar — every time I see it, I remember 🙂

      Thanks for the mention about our affiliate program. Appreciate it.

      I trust that you’re doing excellent!

      Welly Mulia

  4. 5-11-2015

    What a bright guy, Welly is.

    You did a really nice job with the interview, Donna, getting into the bigger discussion of online marketing.

    I know Welly can tend to focus on some very specific aspects of technology, and a lot of us are more interested in what it can do for us, than how and why it works so good.

    Everything this guy does is just so good, I’m confident that Zaxaa will become the top vendor site for selling digital products. It’s already the best, in my opinion. It just doesn’t have as much press as some others.

    So I’m glad you shone the light on Zaxaa and Welly Mulia.

    • 5-12-2015

      Hi David

      hehe… did I focus too much on technology? As surprising as this sounds, I’m not a programmer. I do have a team of awesome programmers behind Zaxaa.

      In a nutshell (as Donna has pointed out above as well), here’s what Zaxaa can do for you:

      – Sell your offers online instantly
      – Create a simple or full-fledged sales funnel to sell multiple offers to maximize your profits
      – Help recruit affiliates to help sell your offers
      – Deliver your offers to customers instantly

      And we’re currently also in the process of developing our email automation engine — when this is complete, you can send out automated emails based on if-then rules and subscriber/customer behavior.

      Welly Mulia

      • 5-14-2015

        Thank you Welly!

        I just love the sales funnel to sell multiple offers and recruit affiliates.

        Aha…you are in the process of developing email automation engine?
        This sounds wonderful. Thank you for keep on growing with the services we need!


  5. 5-14-2015

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your input. I know you use Zaxxa as well as I. It just keeps growing and that is why I love it.


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